About this blog

5 Apr

Hello, everyone! I’d just like to take a minute to welcome my new followers, and to explain something about how I use this blog. First of all, I’m trying out some new things. If the blog looks a little messy now, rest assured I will clean it up. I’m trying to decide what I want on here, as well as where it should go. I’m a tax accountant at H&R Block, so I’m busy until April 15. I will try to adjust as I can, but until April 16, it will be hit or miss. Second, you can follow this blog either by bloglovin or NetworkedBlogs. I’m working to add more. I don’t have an e-mail subscription just yet, so these are the best ways to follow me. Third, as you can see from my Goodreads links, I read a lot of books. I’ve started reviewing to state what I like or don’t like about a book in order to help someone else. I try not to make my reviews too long, because I don’t want the review to be as long as the book. I do accept free copies of books for review. In accordance with FTC guidelines, I will disclose that I received a free book in exchange for the review. If you notice, I may post the same review here and on Goodreads, Amazon, and B&N. I am not yet a member of Amazon’s inner circle, so reviews of books that haven’t been published yet will not appear on Amazon or B&N until publication date. Also, I occasionally receive either galleys or ARCs for review. When reviewing these, I overlook any formatting or spacing errors, as I believe these are cosmetic issues that will be addressed before final publication. I focus on the content of the book, since that’s what will be the book’s legacy after publication. Right now, this is a hobby for me. I get no compensation for this other than the free books. If someone gives me a book to review, I try to read it and get a review in as soon as I can. As I said, right now I’m winding up tax season, so things are busy for me at work. I will definitely have more time starting April 16. Finally, I am also on other social media websites. If you invite me to friend you, I will friend back. I will try to follow you on Twitter, but right now I am at my limit of 2000. I am on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google Plus. Search for Joseph McGarry I’ll be talking to you later. Keep Reading!


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